i'm just a guy that loves creating things for others.

i started my first company at 15 when i offered on-demand high quality printing services for architecture students in uni. eventually, turned it a biz where i sold art materials, architecture modelling materials and scale figures 😅.

got it to $50K in rev by 19, and have been making stuff ever since.

i love art, film, writing. spent like 8 years creating experiences and products that people love and trust. spent another 5 years making short films and vlogs.

also built a couple of things. created a library of afrocentric photos used by 180m+ users, founded an online design school with 50,000 students in 2018, and a design agency in 2020.

a bunch of stuff like that.

today, i'm the cofounder and ceo of fotopool — an ai-powered photo-sharing platform designed for event planners and attendees.

i'm also a designer focused on end-to-end UX Design and have helped business and organisations worldwide drive growth and scale successful products across emerging markets in Africa, Europe, US and the UK.

with my experience over the years, i built an audience of 250k+ entrepreneurs/creatives and coach founders on business growth and personal branding.

it's called 'Who Sets the Standard?' — a weird question, really. but I did my best to explore what success and happiness are and how society defines them, making this little book a practical guide that will help you uncover your most authentic self.

grab a copy.

amazon | google books | goodreads | waterstones | alibris

email me if you want an author signed copy 😉.

you could be starting a youtube channel for fun, building a community, developing a breakthrough ai product. whatever.

every idea has the potential to make a difference and i'm here to help you embrace your creativity and take that first step to bringing your vision to life.

want to work with me? my email is at the bottom of this page.

i like to write about my learnings building a company usually 1-2 times per month. if you want these in your inbox, drop your email below.

p.s: if you want to contact me email me@diimejii.com, i generally respond to every single email under 300 characters with a clear ask